Second Nature PhytoKing 20g

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"The future of nutrition is found in the ocean." Jacques Cousteau

Phytoplankton is referred to as the most nutritionally dense and sustainably harvested food on the planet.  Is is the foundation of life on earth and is known for having the highest bioavailablity of any whole food.

Studies show that it is absorbed by the mucus membranes before hitting the gut.  It's perfect for overall health, immunity and foundational support.  But also known to help with Skin/coat, joint/mobility, digestion, vision, circulation and cardiovascular function, blood sugar control, energy and mood balancing, sleep issues, anxiety, cognitive disorders, allergy relief and inflammation of any kind.

Ingredients: Proprietary blend of 60+ species of marine plankton.

Dosage: 1/16 teaspoon (.25g) per day for any sized pet.


  • 60+ Species of pure marine phytoplankton
  • Excellent source of amino acids, EFAs, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and chlorophyll
  • Zero fillers