What Internet Browsers does Metro Pet Unleashed Support?

Metro Pet Unleashed requires an up-to-date web browser to make sure that you can use all of our features, including Local Delivery and Pickup. Metro Pet Unleashed currently supports the latest two versions of all browsers, unless otherwise noted.

Browsers supported by Metro Pet Unleashed include:

*Internet Explorer is not compatible with Metro Pet Unleashed*


I don't see the Pickup and Delivery Option? 

1. Please check your browser compatibility.  Chrome works the best!

2. Log-out of your account and try logging back in.  Try clearing the cache on your browser.


What's your return policy? 

For health and safety reasons, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  Please visit our Returns & Exchanges page to learn more:


Are your doors open currently?

Our doors are now open.  You can visit us at either location during our regular hours, Tuesday to Saturday, 11-6.  But it's not 'business as usual' yet.  

Please read our Visitation Rules prior to visiting to see if it works for you BEFORE you visit.
Metro Pet Market Visitation Rules:
 3 customers permitted in the stores at a time 
 5-minutes in-store max
 Sanitize hands (available inside)
 Masks are required, as per gov't mandate
 Follow direction arrows
 Maintain a 6ft distance (or 2 Great Danes)
We're still encouraging our clients to use our online ordering site,, for arranging Pick-Up or Delivery and to skip the lines!


What are your current days and hours of operation?

You can visit us in-store from 11am to 6pm, Tuesday to Saturday.

Pickup times are 1pm-5pm, Wednesday to Saturday.

Local Delivery times are 2pm-5pm, Thursdays and Saturdays ONLY.

We are closed Sundays and Mondays to ensure the Metro Team get a much deserved break.  For safety and logistical reasons, Tuesdays are restricted to our inbound deliveries only.

Our hours and services may change suddenly, so please follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates.


Should I order for pickup or shop in-store?  

That depends:  if you don’t want to wait for the next available pickup date, please visit us in-store (but please read our in-store visiting guidelines).  If you want your order to be all ready and/or you want to avoid public shopping and/or have it carried right to your vehicle, please order for pickup.

*We are busy with customers in-store and packing orders in que — we cannot ‘rush’ pickup orders. If you need your order products quickly, please visit in-store.  


Why is it telling me that my postal code is incorrect?

Typically, this happens when your postal code doesn't correspond with your billing address postal code.  Ensure that your postal code is the same as what is registered with your credit card or debit card (postal code must match the address on your credit card).


Can I get my 'pickup' order EARLIER than the date and time I chose at the check-out?

Unfortunately, we can't guarantee to have your order ready sooner than the date and time that you select -- but we'll try our best -- we'll send you a confirmation email letting you know as soon as it's ready.  We are doing our best, but we're a small team -- we're working our butts off trying to serve everyone in a timely and fair manner.  If you can't wait for your pickup order, simply visit us in-store!


Can I pick up my order LATER than the date and time I chose at the check-out?

Of course!  Your confirmation email simply states the earliest possible date and time that your order will be ready.  If you're a day or two late picking it up, that's totally fine!


But, what if I am completely out of food?

Offer your pet a special meal of scrambled eggs, meats and veggies!  Or try some canned sardines and yogurt!  Get creative.  Have fun.  Dr. Karen Becker has some great recipe ideas online (search Google or YouTube).  These ideas will give you some healthy options to get you through until we can process your order.


How do I pick up my order?

Easy Peasy!  Just come to the front door at either location.  Please provide your order number and the last name corresponding to the order so our team can find everything quickly.  Want to add something to your order?  You are welcome to visit us in-store too while you're here (please read through the guidelines above first).


What options do I have to pay for my online purchase?

You can pay for your online purchase with Visa, MasterCard or Interac/Debit  (providing you have the Visa emblem on your card).  


What about the stamps on my Metro Membership Card?  

We will honour the stamps on all purchases made during this time.  Metro Membership Cards can be stamped and redeemed ONLY in-store.  Original receipt is required (either till receipt or UNLEASHED receipt).  Please review our guidelines regarding in-store shopping before visiting either location.


Are all of your products in-store available online? 

No, not everything in-store is available for online purchases.  We will be adding products on an on-going basis, so please keep checking back.  If there is something you need that isn't listed, please email us at and someone will be in contact with you just as soon as possible if we can accommodate.  Remember to include your phone number!


Can I add special items to my online order? 

At this time, 'add-ons' through our e-commerce website are not possible.  If you are in need of a product that is not listed on the site, please email us ( and we will do our best to accommodate.  Please include your phone number in your email so we may contact you directly.  

Our doors are also open now so you are welcome to visit us in-store.


How can I contact Metro Pet Market? 

Please visit our Contact Us page found here


Where do you deliver and ship to?

We can deliver to any address in Regina, SK, city limits. 

We can ship to most provinces and addresses in Canada; however, we cannot ship to the Territories and we cannot ship to postal boxes.

At this time, we are not able to ship frozen foods outside of Regina, SK.


When will my order be shipped (to an address outside of Regina, SK)? 

All orders are shipped via Canada Post Express.  If you live in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba or British Columbia,  typically, your order should arrive in about 3-7 business days.  If you live in Ontario, Quebec or the Maritimes, your order may take 7-10 business days.  These are just typical time-frames and we cannot make guarantees on behalf of Canada Post.  We will contact you via email or phone should there be any issues or delays with the fulfillment of your order.


When will my order be delivered (to an address within Regina, SK, city limits)?

You can choose the day when you submit your order.  Please allow for 2 to 3 business days for your order to be delivered to provide us with enough time to process the order and arrange delivery.


What if I’m not home when my order is delivered?

Our delivery service (within Regina, SK, city limits) is designed to be entirely contact-less.  Metro Pet market is not responsible for theft or damages incurred once the order is left on your doorstep (or other designated location).  We are not permitted to enter any residences.

Orders shipped to your address (outside of Regina, SK) will be delivered by Canada Post.  We are not responsible for any theft or damage incurred once the order has left our facility.


When will I get an email confirmation?

You will receive an order confirmation upon placing your order. You will then receive an invoice confirmation once your order is processed, and finally, you will receive a shipment notice when your package has been shipped.  There will be tracking information in the final email.  If you did NOT receive a confirmation email, please check your spam or junk folder.


Are deals in-store available online?  

In-store promotions are for in-store only.  Conversely, there may be online sales/promotions available online only.


Why is it telling me that my postal code is incorrect?

Typically, this happens when your postal code doesn't correspond with your billing address postal code.  Ensure that your postal code is the same as what is registered with your credit card or debit card.


How do I know if there are changes to your services or hours?

Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook!!  These are the only effective means in which we can announce updates.