Yeasty Dog Support

Yeast is often mistaken for allergies. While allergies/sensitivities may sometimes be at the root of the problem, yeast is a whole new beast.  It typically manifests as ear infections and itchy, stinky and skin (think nacho cheese smell), but it can cause a whole host of other problems, like chronic loose stools, anal gland issues, hair loss and allergies.  The yeast problem is usually rooted in an imbalance in your pet’s microbiome (gut flora).  You can support a yeasty dog from the 'inside-out' by feeding a species-appropriate, quality, balanced, diet, low in carbohydrates (like potato and most grains -- sugars feed yeast), and supplementing with healthy prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes.  You can help from the ‘outside-in’ by using safe, non-toxic body care products to help kill the yeast.  Here are some products that may help support a yeasty dog:

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