Crosswind Farm

Building on a long family tradition of farming, fostered by years of Kevin’s experience in the Dairy industry and Cindy’s knowledge of operations and marketing, it was a natural choice to begin their own family dairy farm operation. In 2006, just 15 minutes east of Peterborough in Keene, Ontario the journey of creating a dairy goat farm began. It started with the reconstruction of their 1800’s barn to create a lovely home for their goats. In March of 2007, after a year of hard work, it was finally time to bring home the does! In just a month, they began shipping raw milk and the rest is history.

Locally farmed fresh!

Cross Wind Farm goat milk was the first in Canada to offer on farm, fluid goat milk in small batches. They endeavour to make their bottled milk within hours of milking’s, providing a refreshing smooth product. Nothing added, Nothing lost, and No Compromising!

Raw probiotic superfoods for dogs & cats. The probiotic properties from from carefully selected bacteria cultures.

The milk has a very high digestibility and palatability. It reduces allergy symptoms, improves skin & fur health, and is nutrient rich.

The probiotics boost immunity, detoxify, & improve gut health. Raw goat milk is a supplementary superfood loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and enzymes.