Regina Cat Rescue

Metro Pet Market has always been as passionate about giving back to the community, as it is for fostering vibrant pet health and responsible guardianship.

From the beginning, as a proud local and independent business, Metro Pet Market has supported an impressive record of fundraising events, sponsorships and donations, that ultimately result in helping animals in need, both locally and globally.

In efforts to expand and streamline our community initiatives, we have decided to launch our very own WISHLIST FOR RESCUES!

It's pretty simple, all items in this specific collection are 25% off retail when purchased for donation!  How great is that!

Make a donation in 5 easy steps:

1.  Shop the curated collection - Wishlist for Rescues
2.  Add only items to your cart that you wish to purchase for donation.  Personal orders must be a separate transaction
3.  At checkout add discount code #DOGOOD to apply 25% discount
4.  At checkout in NOTES let us know which local rescue you would like to recieve your donation.  If no rescue is mentioned in NOTES, we will choose the one with the most need at that time
5.  Select local pickup to avoid any 'delivery fees'

Once the transaction is complete your work is done!  We'll deliver the donated items to your local rescue of choice for you.

Thank you for supporting local rescues!