Return & Exchange Policy

At this time, for health and safety reasons,


​**Please ensure you are ordering the correct product and size, as we cannot accept returns or exchanges**

We do our absolute best to ensure that customers choose the products that are best suited to their pets.

We provide all the tools necessary in order to successfully introduce and transition new foods  (Please see article in 'Quick Links' at bottom of page).  

It is important to note that dogs and cats, just like us, will have preferences, likes and dislikes, and not every pet will like, or do well on every food.  That does not mean that the there is anything wrong with the food.  Your pets are unique individuals.  If you are finding it a challenge to introduce new foods and your pet is being 'picky' or 'stubborn', we have a great article to help you out (Please see article in 'Quick Links' at bottom of page).  We also welcome you to stop by either location -- we will be happy to provide even more suggestions and solutions!  We want you, and your pet, to be happy and healthy!

If you believe that there is a issue beyond your pet simply not liking their food, and you are concerned that there is a potential problem or 'defect' with the product, we encourage you to contact the manufacturer directly.  The companies that we represent are ethical and responsible, and they take great pride in providing a product of superior quality.  If there is a problem, they will want to hear from you directly, so they can ask all the questions necessary to evaluate the situation, firsthand.  Feedback is important to these companies so they can continue providing the best product possible.  You can find the contact information for every company on the package and as links under 'Products' on our website.  (Please have the package, including the 'lot #' readily available when calling them)  

If you have received a product other than what you ordered, or if it is damaged or defective, please email us and one of our team members will contact you.  Please remember to include your phone number, and please be patient as it may take a few business days to be in contact. 

This policy is for the following reasons:

- To ensure everyone's safety and to ensure proper handling measures are taken so that we can guarantee there has been no break in the chain of supply from manufacturer to customer.  Especially during circumstances during Covid, it is not possible for us to safely accept returns.  Our reputation (and the reputation of our products) depends on this security standard. 

- Returns are a big expense, and this cost will ultimately be reflected in our retail pricing, so in order to keep our prices fair for everyone we must limit returns.  While it is uncommon, there are some customers who will repeatedly return products (aka the 'serial returners' -- sometimes buying a variety of foods and then returning the products their pet enjoyed the least), and                  this ultimately affects prices that we have to pass on to customers.  We want foster 'Conscious Consumerism' and discourage 'Disposible/Return Culture' which has become so prevalent in our society, as it is wasteful, selfish and disrespectful to all parties involved, including animals and our planet.

- It is wasteful and it 'dis-honours' the animals that gave their lives to make species-appropriate food for carnivores.  Animals are not a simple commodity.

Thank you for your understanding.