Medicus Veterinary Diets

Freeze-Dried, Whole Food

Therapeutic Diets for Dogs & Cats


Why Medicus?

Diet is the single biggest choice you can make for your pet’s health. And when you have a sick pet, food becomes absolutely essential because the right nutritional framework can nurture healing.

Years in the making, vets and nutritionists worked hand in hand to develop the first freeze-dried, therapeutic diets that address the nutritional needs of sick pets, so you can give your pet the best. 

Whole Foods

Grass-fed meats, wild-caught fish, and organic veggies, all responsibly sourced.

Calculated Nutrition

Extensively researched, the ingredients are picked specifically to address unique nutritional needs.

Vet Developed, Nutritionist Reviewed

We consulted with leading minds in the industry, including Independent Veterinary Specialists and Independent Nutrition Consultants, to formulate these therapeutic diets.  

The First Freeze-Dried Therapeutic Diets

The freeze-drying process creates safe, shelf-stable food for immunocompromised pets. Not only is it a safe and effective pasteurization process but also retains 97% of food’s original vitamins and minerals, meaning these diets are undeniably as close to fresh, whole foods as possible.