Second Nature Better Bone Broth Pork 925 ml

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Second Nature:  Better Bone Broth Pork

Ancient Wisdom.  Modern Convenience. 

Our grandparent’s knew best when they suggested that ‘chicken soup cures everything’.  It really does.  And the same holds true for dogs and cats.  It’s why bone broth is one of Dr. Becker’s favorite recommendations!

Aside from increasing hydration, which is critically important for dogs and cats, especially those eating a dry, processed diet, bone broth has the following benefits for pets:

  • Digestive Aid – The collagen, vitamins and minerals help with any digestive issue. The collagen is even known to help heal a leaky gut (gut dysbiosis), which helps mitigate allergies.
  • Skin & Coat – The collagen, vitamins and minerals help build a strong, healthy skin and coat. It can help with everything from excessive shedding to hot spots too.
  • Joints & Mobility – The collagen, hyaluronic acids, vitamins and minerals help build and maintain healthy joints, making it especially good for senior pets and those dealing with arthritis and other joint problems.
  • Immunity – Used for generations to stimulate our natural immunity, from seasonal colds and flu, to helping with cancer, bone broth is often referred to as a Panacea (a cure-all). There are actually a lot of studies currently underway that are offering clinical evidence of the power of quality bone broth to treat disease.

It’s called ‘Better Bone Broth’ for good reason:  we believe it really is better than anything else on the market.  We didn’t skimp on the bones – you’ll notice the difference when you serve it.  It contains high levels of natural collagen, gelatin and minerals.  

In and of itself, bone broth is an amazing tonic for the above listed indications.  In addition to this, we have added squash, apples and herbs to focus on supporting the digestive system.


Who should use bone broth?

Everyone!  Better Bone Broth can benefit every pet. 

Try it yourself too!  It’s 100% human grade!  It’s delicious* and nutritious – use it as a soup base.  *Okay, it’s delicious only after you add onions, garlic, veggies and meat.