Herbsmith GastroCare 75g

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What's It Good For?

  • Persistent Loose Stool
  • Digestive Support
  • Sensitive Stomach
  • Ongoing GI Issues
  • Gurgly Guts

 Benji loves car rides, ripping the stuffing out of plush animals, and hogging the bed (he definitely snores). Benji also loves food. It doesn’t always love him back. 

Benji’s mom has tried feeding him different foods and limiting his diet, but still has to keep a stash of rubber gloves and carpet cleaner within reach in case things don’t go well after meal time. Benji and his pet parents aren’t alone. Every pet parent who has a cat or dog with a sensitive stomach can sympathize with those moments. Pets who suffer from sensitive stomachs have consistent, ongoing GI issues which is often caused by inflammation of the GI tract, but this is where GastroCare can help.

Used widely in veterinarian practices, it has been dubbed the “magic herb” (cue the oohs and ahhs). The combination of herbs works to diminish the ongoing distress of the stomach and intestinal lining and may help to reduce the inflammation. Once the irritation subsides – Benji and dogs like him can get back to doing doggo things and pet parents can rejoice because the carpet cleaner is back in storage.

Pro Tip: High carb diets can be blamed for a lot of ongoing GI issues with our pets today. Carbohydrates are pro-inflammatory. By changing your cat or dog’s diet to a species-appropriate diet (low in carbs, high in protein), you can keep your pet feeling like the best version of themselves. 

Consider home cooking, switching to a raw diet, or feeding a freeze dried dog food to help alleviate an upset stomach in dogs and cats.


What's In It?

GastroCare is a natural alternative, meaning it’s easier on the digestive system and still effectively helps to relieve symptoms that plague your cat or dog’s digestive system (yasss).

Angelica Root

Nourishes, invigorates and harmonizes the blood

Atractylodes Rhizome

Tonifies the spleen, Qi and gastrointestinal tract

Bupleurum Root

One of the best herbs for liver disorders and liver support. The liver provides a smooth flow of Qi throughout the body and especially the GI tract. Heat or inflammation within the GI tract can be a result of liver dysfunction.


Strengthens digestion and harmonizes the GI tract


Harmonizes and normalizes the abdomen, prevents nausea as well as vomiting. Think “ginger ale”

White Peony Root

Calms liver, alleviates pain, invigorates and harmonizes the blood


Tonifies digestion and fluid balance, stops pain (especially abdominal pain) and harmonizes the other herbs


Disperses heat or inflammation and compliments the Bupleurum actions of harmonizing the liver

Active Ingredients: Proprietary blend of (angelica root, atractylodes rhizome, bupleurum root, ginger, poria, white peony root, licorice, mint)

Directions for Use

Sprinkle the recommended amount over food

For first time use, gradually introduce to your pet’s diet

< 15 lbs — ¼ tsp twice/day
15-30 lbs — ½ tsp twice/day
31-80 lbs — 1 tsp twice/day
81-120 lbs — 1½ tsp twice/day
>120 lbs — 2 tsp twice/day

¼ tsp twice/day