Goughnuts Kanolli

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Engineered and crafted in the USA from 100% natural rubber, this Goughnuts toy is constructed to be tough and durable. Although this toy does not contain a center core rubber indicating the time to replace it, it’s still covered by the Lifetime Guarantee. If it becomes damaged, please return it for replacement.

  • Specifically for medium-sized dogs who are moderate chewers, this dog toy is engineer-designed and made from virtually indestructible material. Built for long-lasting use.

  • The cylindrical design allows you to stuff the toy with something yummy, creating a thought-provoking experience and encouraging your dog to work for his food.

  • Ideal for teething puppies and encouraging your dog’s natural chewing instinct

  • Active chewing helps promote optimal canine oral health.

  • Made in the USA.

Your playful pooch will love the unique food-can shape of GoughNuts K9 Kanolli Dog Toy. Designed for the moderate chewers, the cylindrical toy is made from virtually indestructible material and can endure a good play session of gnawing, biting and chewing. It can be filled with a treat, encouraging your doggo to work for his food—your best pal will appreciate the challenge. Encourage his natural chewing instinct and oral health by adding this to his toy collection!