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Liquid GI Tract Support for Dogs

Sym-Biota K9™ is a unique liquid blend, providing beneficial soil organisms, probiotics, and chaga mushrooms for your dog. Many dogs no longer get the health benefits of spending time in forests and fields where they come in contact with rich humic soils brimming with beneficial bacteria and fungi.


Sym-Biota K9™ provides long-term support to promote overall digestive and immune health. Sym-Biota K9™ is especially beneficial for dogs suffering from GI Issues, IBS, leaky gut, allergies, and skin irritations. The liquid form allows for fast delivery to your dog's gut. The syringe provided makes it easy to offer directly by mouth, which is especially useful for picky eaters, dogs suffering from illness, or loss of appetite. Safe to utilize during or after antibiotic therapy to promote recovery of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system.


Sym-Biota K9™ features a blend of active Bacillus strains, with fulvic and humic acids from Reed Sedge Peat, and Chaga mushrooms. This combination mimics the matrix of healthy soils. 


The active living organisms may create a bubbling effect, which is normal. Reed Sedge Peat creates an earthy odor, which is also normal.

  • February 2022 formula is less fizzy, lighter in color, and less odor.



Key benefits of Sym-Biota K9™: 

• Provides 25 billion CFUs of active probiotics per 2 ml.

• Known as SBO’s (Soil-Based Organisms), Bacillus strains are hearty and are able to withstand the acidic environment of the stomach without the need for microencapsulation.

• Reed Sedge Peat provides humic and fulvic acids to support efficient digestion and homeostasis of the microbiome in the GI tract.

• In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chaga mushrooms help the body return to homeostasis by supporting Qi, the vital energy force for the body. Chaga is considered a Shen Tonic, nourishing the spiritual radiance within.


Directions for Use: 

Administer directly in dog's mouth, or add on top of meal.


One bottle will last 30 days for a large dog given twice per day.  


Small Dogs (< 20 lbs):  ½ ml once or twice daily.

Medium Dogs (20-50 lbs): 1 ml once or twice daily.

Large Dogs (> 50 lbs): 2 ml once or twice daily


Small Dogs (< 20 lbs):  ½ ml once or twice daily.

Medium Dogs (20-50 lbs): 1 ml once or twice daily.

Large Dogs (> 50 lbs): 2 ml once or twice daily

Active Ingredients per 2 ml

Reed Sedge Peat .............................................................. 925 mg

   Fulvic Acid .......................... 600 mg

   Humic Acid ......................... 325 mg

Chaga Mushrooms (Organic) (Inonotus obliquus) ...... 150 mg

Proprietary Probiotic Blend* ......................................... 125 mg

     (Bacillus coagulans, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus licheniformis)


Inactive Ingredients: 

Filtered water, Vitamin C.


 *25 Billion CFU's per 2 ml


Country of Origins:

Reed Sedge Peat: US and Canada

Probiotic blend: Canada

Chaga Mushrooms: China


Per 2 ml


Crude Protein (min)      

Crude Fat (min)

Crude Fiber (max)


Calcium (min)  

Calcium (max) 

Phosphorus (min)  

Sodium (max)    

Sulfur (min)















0 kcal/g