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Tollden Farms has been producing our high quality raw food since 2002. We are constantly researching nutrition, and we apply all of our knowledge to developing and producing what could be considered the best raw food available on the market today. Our quality is unsurpassed, all of our suppliers are carefully researched in order to provide your companions with the ultimate in nutrition. Our prices are comparable to a premium-priced kibble and a natural diet will help save you costs at the vet clinic. We believe that fresh is best, whether you are a dog, a cat or a human. A fresh food diet is the first step to a healthy body.

Tollden Farms believes that quality comes first. Our dinners contain only the freshest human grade proteins, and the freshest vegetables. For the vegetable dinners, we use whole cuts, and whole organs. We do not use any by-products or foods not deemed fit for human consumption. Vegetables always consist of Romaine lettuce, kale, collards, dandelion, zucchini, carrots, and sweet potato. Our vegetable dinners are made of 85% top quality protein cuts and 10% vegetables, with green leafy vegetables making up the bulk. We add cold water quality fish oil (a combination of mackerel, anchovy, and sardines) and kelp to complete the diet.

Our passion is the health of companion animals and we are proud of the quality and care that goes into each and every batch of food. 

Why Consider Botanicals 

Ever watch your dog in an open field in the spring time? Chances are you’ll have witnessed him/her grazing on new grasses, eating dirt and even chewing the bark off of sticks.

How do animals in the wild keep themselves healthy? They seek out and eat plants with medicinal properties. They seek out foods for a nutritionally balanced diet.

When laboratory scientists started to explore how animals select their diets, they quickly found that rats that are presented with a range of foods “cafeteria style” will select a nutritionally balanced diet. This ability is termed “nutritional wisdom” and can be loosely applied to the way in which wild animals manage to meet their nutritional needs from foods that are often changing in composition, availability and location.

Animals clearly eat food that both prevents and cures ills. They are able to find substances that protect against future illness and seek out unusual substances that remedy ill health.

Most scientists describe this sort of behavior as self-regulation or homeostatic behavior as the substances involved are normally considered nutrients.

While the physical structure of a dog's teeth, jaws, and intestinal system tell us they are natural carnivores, they also require some plant matter in their diet. Canine and feline species in the wild ingest the stomach and intestines of their plant-eating prey. In doing so, they consume partly digested plant matter, which helps in digestion of the flesh and bone they feed upon.

In her book, The Complete Herbal Handbook For The Dog And Cat, author, herbalist and long-time dog breeder Juliette de Bairacli Levy writes: "I am always amazed at the way my Afghan Hounds have selected their medicinal plants, shrubs and trees, and know where to find them and how to use them.”

The concept of the Botanical Blend came about after years of research into what these “food items” were providing for dog.As a result of our research, we developed our Botanical Blend which has a mixture of ground seeds, roots and grasses, with unique properties to help enhance the immune system of your pet.

Subsequent to our feeding trials of this type of formulation and in feeding thousands of animals over the past decade, we’ve found some dogs and cats do better with this type of blend. Dogs with chronic allergies, dermatitis, yeast infections and various immune system challenges do well on this type of blend, as so dogs and cats with irritable bowel diseases, colitis, and inflammation of the intestinal tract.

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