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Ground Dinners

Our Ground Dinners provide a complete balanced blend of muscle meat, organ and bone. Ground food is easier to digest, making it ideal for young and older dogs, and for transitioning from processed kibble to raw. We strongly recommend feeding the full variety of meals to your pet. Just like in human nutrition, variety is the cornerstone of optimum nutrition.

Totally Ground Beef Tripe

“Tripe” refers to the stomach of a ruminant (grass eating) animal. “Green” refers to the fact that the tripe is not bleached, scalded or processed in any way. Tripe is an excellent source of fat, enzymes, vitamins with a perfect balance of phosphorus and calcium. Green tripe has the additional benefit of providing good bacteria, which aids in digestion. Unfortunately, tripe has a distinctive odour that is not pleasant. You may not love it, but your dog will!

Ingredients: Trimmed green beef tripe