Second Nature Cheese Chews for Dogs

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Second Nature Cheese Chews are a great long-lasting chew with digestible ingredients.  Sourced from the Himalayan region (near Mount Everest) of Nepal from a recipe that has been passed on for centuries. These chews are handmade by skilled cheese makers using an ancient recipe and made using traditional methods with yak and/or cow milk.

Your Dog will love these long lasting cold-smoked cheese chews.  Dogs must work the end of the treat softening it with their mouths before small parts of it can be slowly chewed off. When you give this treat to your dog, you know that you are providing them with high-quality chewing entertainment.


No hormones or antibiotics.No colouring.

No artificial flavouring.

No Gluten


Ingredients: Yak’s Milk, Cow’s Milk, Lime Juice, salt.