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Unique protein for pets on limited diets due to allergies etc. and cannot have the typical fish oils. But that is not the only reason to use this oil. The seal represents a natural and complete source of omega-3 (ADP, ADH, AEP). The molecular structure of the mammal promotes digestion and absorption. In addition you encourage the economy of small coastal towns in Eastern Canada!

SeaDNA  pure seal oil is easy to digest, and contains the power of DPA to help keep your pet’s skin and coat healthy and promote overall wellness. Seal Oil for dogs and cats is made from the same premium quality seal oil used for human-grade products.

CONTAINS 4% DPA: Seal Oil has the power of 3 fatty acids: DPA + EPA + DHA. DPA occurs naturally in a few places. Seal Oil and mother’s breast milk are two. DPA increases overall Omega-3 retention and it intensifies the benefits of traditional Omega-3’s (DHA & EPA).

ENHANCED ABSORPTION: The mammalian molecular triglyceride structure of the seal will be more easily assimilated by your pet which means optimal digestion and absorption for better results.

ECO-FRIENDLY & 100% CANADIAN: Our seal oil comes from pristine and icy waters surrounding the Magdalen Islands and the coast of Newfoundland. Seals represent an abundant and renewable resource and their harvest is part of a responsible and sustainable marine ecosystem management.

PREMIUM QUALITY: Sourced and made right here in Canada, SeaDNA Seal Oil for Pets is processed to the same high standards as our human Omega-3 products and provides the same health supporting attributes.

SO DELICIOUS: Along with all these other good things, SeaDNA Seal Oil for Pets can also act as an appetite stimulant for those pets who may not always jump for joy at their usual food. The natural seal oil taste of our pet Omega-3 is one our dogs just can’t deny!

SKIN AND COAT: There are many benefits an Omega-3 can provide to a pet, but one of the biggest is the ability to fight inflammation. Inflammation is often directly tied to allergies in pets and many common skin and dander issues. Omega-3’s have been found to help in cases of dry skin and other similar disorders. Science has shown clearly that fatty acid supplementation has huge benefits.

INGREDIENTS: Seal oil, Tocopherols (Vitamin E).
ANALYSIS: Per teaspoon (5 ml / 2 pumps):

Contains DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid): 8% > 288mg
Purified EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid): 6% > 216mg
DPA (Docosapentaenoic Acid): 4% > 144mg
TOTAL DHA + EPA + DPA: 648 mg

Add to dog or cat’s food once daily according to the recommended dosage:

  • < 6 kg or cats: 1/2 – 1 pump stroke
  • 6-12 kg : 1-2 pump strokes
  • 12-24 kg : 2-4 pump stokes
  • > 24 kg : 5-6 pump strokes
  • Use regularly for best results.  Keep refrigerated once open.

Made in Canada/Product of Canada.