Polka Dog Treats Atlantic Silverside Whole Fish Treats

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Atlantic Silversides (Menidia menidia), aka Baitfish, aka Spearing, are social fish.

In brackish water where rivers debouch into the sea, silver-banded beauties navigate New England sea grasses in schools, searching for zooplankton, or tasty amphipods, or, perhaps, a young squid.

Dogs are also social animals. If you’re a dog, join us at Polkadog, where the sustainably fished Atlantic Silverside is slowly dehydrated into delicious, crunchy, digestibly healthy bite-sized delicacies. Bon appétit.

  • Whole-Fish Treats For Dogs And Cats: Whether You Are Training Your Pup Or Rewarding Your Senior Dog, These Polkadog Atlantic Silverside Whole Fish Dog And Cat Treats Are The Obvious, All-Natural Healthy Choice.
  • Healthy Dog Treats With One Single Ingredient: Fuel Your Puppy Or Senior Dog With Pet Treats That Are 100% Natural, Packed With Vitamins And Protein Suitable For Specific Protein Allergies, As Well As Limited, Fresh Ingredients That Are Locally Sourced.
  • Savory, Crunchy Puppy Training Treats: Allow Your Furry Friend To Indulge In A Taste He Loves While You Can Feel Good About Feeding Him Bite-Sized, Crunchy Dog Treats That Are Wild-Caught And Whole Fish.
  • Pet Treats You Can Share With Dogs And Cats: Even Your Feline Friends Love The Crunchy Texture And Savory Taste Of These Limited Ingredient Pet Treats. Share With Your Family Of Felines And Dogs. 
  • Dog Training Treats Made In The U.S.A.: At Polkadog, We Believe In Only Using Fresh And Locally-Sourced Ingredients To Bake And Prepare Healthy, All-Natural Dog Treats And Pet Snacks By Hand. All Of Our Scrumptious, Crunchy And Savory Food For Pets Are Made In The U.S.A.