Miso Handmade Cat Toys - Yeti

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About Miso Handmade:

We are Aidan & Trish, the makers behind Miso Handmade.  We have been running the day to day Miso Handmade operation in Vallejo, CA. since it's inception in 2012.  We personally design and make most of the items we sell on our sewing machines, embroidery machines and laser cutter.  We want you to shop with confidence knowing that when you buy a Miso Handmade item you are indeed supporting "Handmade in the USA."

"Proudly NOT Made in China"

Play is an important part of healthy living and toys make life more fun for our pets (and for us!)  We believe that life is too short to skimp on fun and we design all of our toys to please you as much as to please your pets. 

We use a super potent certified organic catnip that is grown in the USA!

Since these toys are handmade in small batches, the detailing may be different on each toy!


4" x 3" x1"

Is your kitty hankering to hunt some really big prey? Now you don't need to travel to the Himalayas...and you won't need to camp out in the snow either! 2020 Yeti has longer fluffs than in the past!

Each fluffy white Yeti is handcrafted of super soft fun - faux (artificial) fur that is embroidered with an icy Yeti face and belly in variations of white, silver, blues or greys.