Lotus Canned Food For Cats

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Lotus Canned Food

This stuff is beautiful!  Even if you're feeding dry kibble, the Just Juicy cans are one of our most popular toppers and mixers -- even adding a teaspoon or two is a great way to boost their bowls by adding some functional moisture and nutrition!



Coastal breezes, lush central valley farmlands, rolling green hills packed with vineyards...what better place to think local? Thatʼs exactly what we do every time we make a can of Lotus pâtés and Just Juicy here in our own Southern California micro-cannery. These are real, holistic ingredients, canned locally in small batches by our own staff (yes, people we know and like). It just seems natural to us, but itʼs kind of a big deal, because so many other pet foods are factory-canned overseas. So every time you feed your pet Lotus, you can pat yourself on the back for reducing your petʼs carbon “paw” print, and for supporting our economy. Oh, and youʼll also get “my-pet-is-environmentally-responsible” bragging rights.