LitterMate - Odour Control for Cat Litter 0.75L

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Specially designed “Odor Control Pellets” product for use with any cat litter. This non-toxic and chemical free product is great for controlling litter box smell in small spaces.

This product is 100% Organic

LitterMate’s Unique Design

This product is formulated taking advantage of the “power of charcoal” which is used in air and water filters. The unique formula absorbs the ammonia smell of cat urine and feces extending the life of cat litter by 2 – 3 weeks or more.

LitterMate Application

Use only ½ to 1 cup per litter change, stirred in lightly at the time of each litter change. Best application is to put some cat litter into the litter box, add the LitterMate and then stir and add the remainder of the litter to complete your change.