Happy Days Daily Enhancer for Cats and Dogs

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Probiotic and Digestive Supplement for Cats and Dogs

The daily enhancer is a unique blend of the best ingredients to enhance your pet’s health.  Happy Days' new daily enhancer supplement for Dogs and Cats - contains a minimum of 70 billion CFU live Bifidobacteria. Adding the benefits of Goat Milk to pets' diets is now easier than ever!

Goat milk is very easy to digest, is high in calcium and vitamin A, and shows properties that prevent arthritis.  Most casts and dogs love it.

 Egg Yolk is loaded with vitamins and omega-3-fats. Dogs love the taste of egg! 

Cinnamon is an anti inflammatory. 

Ginger is a great digestive aid.

Camomile relaxes.

Eggshell membrane benefits joint health. 

L.Theanin boosts immune system. 

Bifidobacterium longum is a multifunctional probiotic that helps improve gut flora and assists with the prevention of gastrointestinal diseases. 

Bifidobacterium animalis improves digestion, eases symptoms of diarrhea   

Protease helps digest proteins. 

Lipase helps digest fats. 

Cellulase helps digest fiber (cats and dogs do not have cellulase in their stomach).

 Amylase helps digest carbs. 

Papain is an enzyme extracted from papayas (reduces pain, inflammation and swelling). 


Bromelain is an enzyme extracted from Pineapple (anti-Inflammatory, helps with skin allergies.)